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Off-campus apartment room for sublease

3776 Campus Suites Blvd.

West Lafayette


Property Description

I am moving out since I am graduating earlier, and I would like to sublease my room in the apartment that I am living in with my two roommates (males) until the end of July (with the option of renewing). It's located off-campus in the Lark Apartments complex, a 10-15 minutes ride from campus. The whole apartment is fully furnished; maybe you'll only need to bring along with your stuff an office chair and some cutlery, but that's all basically. The room has its own private bathroom, with hot water any time you need it. There's central heating and air-conditioning, a common living room, a kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave, and a washing machine and dryer. There's also a small storage room next to the kitchen, one for each roommate.

The people from the Lark Apartments management are really polite and cooperative. There are quarterly inspections to check the state of the apartments and when a resident requests a work order, usually it is taken care of in a day or two. The apartment complex is in a very clean, safe, and quiet area, and has some nice extra amenities (gym, pool, etc) that you see here: It's relatively cheap, only $425 plus utilities (on average about $50-60). Pets are allowed but must be declared, and better discuss it first with the current roommates. And finally renewing is an option indeed if requested early enough though. In general, I can guarantee a quality leaving in this apartment since I've been living here for more than 4 years already.

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Stylianos Gregoriou


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3776 Campus Suites Blvd.

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