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Studio for 1.5 month sublet

824 Camino La Costa, Austin, TX 78752, USA



Property Description

Centrally located to a lot of shopping around Austin and events. Currently about 5-10 minutes to 6th street and an additional minute or so to Rainey. Also about 10 minutes from the Domain and about 15 minutes to Round Rock and Cedar Park. Georgetown is about 20 minutes.

I need to sublet a studio unit from 2/1/24-3/15/24. I do intend to run a background check for everyone who plans on living in the unit. The maximum is 2 people and 1 pet! HOWEVER, having a criminal record does NOT AUTO DISQUALIFY YOU!!!! I, myself, have a history I am not proud of my past but I am a firm believer that anyone can change their starts!!! This is a perfect opportunity for someone needing to get on their feet and at the end of my lease/sublet you can talk to the office about wanting to stay/ extending your lease with them!

Firmus management offers everything from month to month leasing to 12 month leasing. However, it is pertinent for me to mention they expect a 60 day written notice of plans to vacate!! You will NOT need to let them know you are vacating 3/15/24, you will just submit your keys to me BEFORE 5pm on 3/15/24!

Laundry onsite and mailbox is located in the laundry room!!! If you have a vehicle you are allowed 1 parking sticker per unit. Any other vehicle must be parked in visitor parking (outside the gate by the storage units). To be able to get into the gate I’ll forward you an email that lets you download an app. You will use this for the drive thru gate, walk in gates, laundry room/ mail room access, gym access, etc. The gym is open during office hours only 8am-5pm daily! Laundry room/mail room is available 24/7. The complex also has a business center which is perfect if you don’t own a printer. It’s free to print and it too is open during office hours.

You will need to provide your own furnishings and internet. Spectrum offers a really cheap plan for the complex. I got gig download speed whilst living here and I was paying $60/month. The big expenditure was the “set up cost” for gig speed which was $200… however gig speed is the only one that charges such a hefty set up fee. If I remember correctly most of their set up fees are like $30 and some might even be included in the monthly cost.

EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCLUDED IN THE RENT INCLUDING ALL UTILITIES!!!!!!!!To rent from 2/1/24-3/15/24 it will be $2460 total. That is $1640 rent monthly which is broken down as follows:

Rent: $1200
Amenities fee including trash valet: $190
Month to month lease fee: $250

For month of February = $1640
1/2 month of March= $820

You will be expected to:
Clean the place when you leave.
Pay rent on time.
And follow/adhere to the lease agreement that I signed with Firmus Management.

(You will sign a legally binding document saying you understand what is expected of you!! Just like as if it were an actual lease because ultimately it is a lease but instead of dealing with the complex you are dealing with me!!)

Questions? Interested? Let me know! Best method to reach me is by text. 5one2four348five98

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Date Available

Feb 1, 2024

Property Location

824 Camino La Costa, Austin, TX 78752, USA

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