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1 Bed w attached bath in a 4x4 available for Fall 2023 Semester - 2 miles from Texas A&M

1711 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S, College Station, TX 77840, USA

College Station


Property Description

I am looking to sublet/re-let 1 bedroom with attached bathroom inside a furnished 4x4 apartment unit at newly renovated Campus Village apartments, only 2.5 miles away from Texas A&M, directly on the route of Bus #31 (Elephant Walk).

Start date: Aug 19, 2023
Only for Fall semester 2023 (must move out before end of 1st week January 2024)

Female Only, as other 3 roommates are female.

Reason for sublet: Doing co-op out of town

Monthly Rent: $525 plus electricity. Internet (wifi) included. Washer Dryer included. Water bill included. Electricity is the only utility you pay.

Ideal for that senior or post-grad who wants something close by Texas A&M only for the fall semester!

Contact: I have spoken with the leasing office, they will help, but please call me first.

I am the dad posting on my daughter's account as I do not do Facebook myself.

Please respond here, I will be notified. Thanks!

Listers Information

Koushik Biswas


Property Details

Property Type








Date Available

Aug 19, 2023

Property Location

1711 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S, College Station, TX 77840, USA

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